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Maple syrup product transformation

Maple cream, maple sugar, maple taffy, candy and reciepes

Cooking Temperature Recap For Maple Syrup Transformation

A quick reference for maple recipes: maple butter, maple taffy, maple soft sugar and maple hard candy

The (Best) Maple Cream Reciepe

With presentation of the two maple cream machines

Eggs fried in maple syrup reciepe

You won't believe how good it is

All videos regarding maple syrup transformation into other products


Maple Cream Machine (2010)

For a perfect maple cream (FR-Subtitled in english)

The (best) Maple Cream Reciepe (2019)

With a presentation of the two models of maple cream machines (FR-Subtitled in english)

Reciepe : Maple Candied Eggs

A delicacy with vanilla ice cream

Maple Cone Filler

Multiply your maple cone production capacity (FR-Subtitled in english)

Maple Cone Filler : cream and taffy

Multiply your maple cone production capacity (FR-Subtitled in english)

Giant Maple Cream Machine

First presentation video about the maple cream machine

See how vast can be your sugaring activities. Optimized maple shack layout, maple product transformation and courses, it's all about family and maple here.

Products seen in this installation

Maple Farm

Everything for maple syrup production