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Low Water Level Alarm

We all know someone who unfortunatly burned his pans (someone else, of course)! Because it can happens to anybody, even the best of us, LS Bilodeau has developped this low water level alarm, that lets you know when the water level of your boiler are dangerously low! A canadian produce, affordable, that might save the day! Include : Adjustable tabble height probe ; Option System for Automatic SHUTDOWN of the evaporator ; (available for evaporators of the L'Extrem 2 serie and oil-fired evaporators) ; Install in water level gauge or on float box ; Connect it on the evaporator (as ground) and on 112V. Made in Canada

Low water level alarm detecto detect-o pan level alarm


Low Water Level Alarm

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Universal Detect-o Flat Pans
Detect-o (wood) Flat Pans

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Low water level alarm : Detect-o

Because it happens even to the best of us

D√ČTECT-O : Installation and User Manual (FR)

Our low-water level detector guide in french

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