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The (Best) Maple Cream Reciepe

(See video below)
Here's all our secrets for a perfect maple cream! This reciepe describe in details everything you need to know to get the most out of your maple cream machine, and if you're doing it by hand, don't worry. There are still many tricks that apply for your perfect maple cream.

Step 1 : Measure the boiling point of water
The first step in the maple cream recipe is to measure the boiling temperature point of the water. This boiling point can vary significantly in the same day due to atmospheric pressure and precision is essential for impeccable maple cream.

Step 2 : Boil the maple syrup
Cook the maple syrup untill it reach 21°F above the boiling point of water. To avoid an overflow, apply an anti-foam agent all around the pan (or cauldron). Attention, for commercial productions to use an anti-foam without allergens. Avoid animal butter and allergenic fats.
*TIP*From this step on, minimize movement of the contents of your pan as this causes crystals to form.

Step 3 : Cool
When your maple product has reached the required temperature, you must then cool it to 85 ° F. The faster your cooling method, the softer your butter will be. If you have the LS Bilodeau giant maple cream machine, an ultra-fast cooling system by coils and drenching is integrated. This system is also available as an option for conventional cooking pans.

Step 4 : Spray
As soon as your cooling system is in place, spray a little water on the surface to prevent the formation of crystals. Again, until your product reaches 85 ° F, it is imperative not to move its contents.

Étape 5 : Sanitize
While your maple taffy is cooling, make sure your maple cream machine is clean, that there is no water left in it, and that the outlet valve is properly closed. When the taffy reaches 85 ° F, pour it into the funnel.

Step 6 : Stir
Turn on the machine. The taffy, which will soon become maple cream, will flow from the funnel to the tube. To promote even mixing, scrape the sides of the funnel with a wooden pallet.

Step 7 : Salivate
Watch the magic happen in 12 to 15 minutes for a first recipe. The next one should be ready in 7-10 minutes.

Step 8 : Deliberate
When is the maple butter ready to be packaged? This is a question that often brings a difference of opinion between two maple cooks. The characteristics of a perfect maple cream are: the color, the matte appearance, the formation of bubbles on the surface, and the firmer consistency at the spout exit.

Step 9 : Pack
As soon as the product has the desired consistency out of the neck, start filling your jars. Do not wait for the content to be ready at the bottom of the funnel, as you risk over-stirring the maple cream which will then congeal in the machine.
*TIP* If it does happen to you, don't panic. A very simple method to reactivate the movement - to a certain extent - is to heat the base of the funnel with a hair dryer. If you have the double-wall funnel option, you can instantly dejam your recipe by connecting it to hot water from your tap. Before circulating the water, make sure that the outlet of the overflow is facing the top of the sink.

Step 10 : End of cycle
When you have emptied the funnel, reverse the two-way valve to empty the bent tube.

Step 11 : Repeat
You can immediately repeat the process with a second recipe, but you should clean the appliance before a third recipe to prevent crystals formation.

Step 12 : Clean up
To clean the Maple Cream Machine, simply fill the funnel with boiling water and let run for about 3 minutes.
*TIP* Finally empty the rinse water. This rinse water has a sugar concentration of around 6 ° Brix. Why not recover it by reintegrating it into your pans?

The LS Bilodeau 2 gallon capacity maple cream Machine is equipped with a 3/4 hp motor with direct drives. The following options are available: the double- walled funnel, the three-way valve in brass or in stainless steel, and pump in stainless steel are also available

We also make a 6 gallon giant maple cream brewer with a 1" pump and 2hp motor. Its coil system and dip pan minimize cooling time and all stages take place in the same pan, which optimizes your efficiency on several levels. For hassle-free production, a soft and velvety maple cream that melts in the mouth with its exceptional texture, LS Bilodeau has what you need!

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