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The Maple Files

From tubing to transformation, we know our maple syrup. Explore below our different files and articles regarding this beautiful process.


Small and big maple syrup production, you will find a partner in LS Bilodeau

deluxe maple sap evaporator, 2x8 maple sap boiler, deluxe boiler, extrem boiler bilodeau

Combustion optimization

See all our advices to get the best out of your heating appliance.

The tubing system

Is your tubing system airtight? At it's prime? See all recommandations

Pumping station

See all recommandations

Maple syrup product transformation

Tricks and reciepes

35 years of innovation

Our story : L & S

Maple Grove landscape with red sugar shack, tubing 3/16 and mains

What is maple syrup production

A comprehensive guide to the complete process of maple syrup production, from tapping to golden delights