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Capacités de découpe ls bilodeau sous-traitance decoupe laser

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Laser Cutting

Service offered

We offer custom laser cutting services. Thanks to our brand new laser cutting machine, we've upgraded our capacity! This machine cuts sheet metal into the desired shapes and sizes with exceptional speed and precision, approaching perfection. We deliver in a timely manner, so don't hesitate to contact us for a custom quote. Maximum thickness of sheets Structural steel : 1" Stainless steel : 1 1/2" Aluminium: 1" Please note that the minimal dimensions of a hole in a metal sheet is equal to it's thickness. We also have the capacity to do engraving. N.B. Also providing welding, machining and metal bending

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Laser Cutting

Service offered

Price Product Material
Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Stainless
Galvanized Steel Laser Cutting Galvanized
Steel Laser Cutting Steel
Aluminum Laser Cutting Aluminum

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Tips for Custom Made Projects

Do you have a custom project in mind? Here are our fabrication parameters and some tips to make it a reality!

Quote Request : Custom Made Project

L.S. Bilodeau specializes in the manufacturing of steel products.

Here's Our New Laser Cutting Machine

Send us your drawings and ideas of Custom made products (EN subtitled)
countertop stainless cupboard, stainless kitchen cabinet, stainless cupboard storage cabinet ls bilodeau

Stainless Steel Potential at the Heart of the Home

We firmly believe in the incredible potential of stainless steel, and here's why

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