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LS Bilodeau pan washer, flat pan washer, boiler pan washer, LS Bilodeau boiler washer

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Flat Pan Washers

Flat and flue pan cleaners

Complete flat and flue pan washer - for evaporators boilers - This time saver increases efficiency and yield. L.S. Bilodeau developed its plan cleaners to decalcify your pans and lighten your daily workload. Producers who constantly seek improvements love this important and essential tool. You no longer need to soak your pans for most of the day. The pan cleaner does the work in a fraction of the time. Remember that cleanliness is next to godliness and time is of the essence! In details : - Transârent plexiglass cover with handle - Sprinklers (quantity depending on the size of pan) - Water recirculation tank with filter - Pump - Stainless frame and tank - Flat pans not included - Customer template pan required for covers only and non-standard formats - Option caster for easy movement New concept for flue pans : Sequential circulation and spouting continuously (starting at the back and going to front) with 4' exits.

various pans cleaners washers LS Bilodeau

Flat Pan Washers

Flat and flue pan cleaners

Price Product
Single Pan Washers
Triple Pan Washers
Double Pan Washers
Cover and piping for 2x3
Cover and piping for 2x4
Cover and piping for 2x5
Cover and piping for 2x6
Cover and piping for 1.5x2
Cover and piping for 1.5x3
Cover and piping for 1.5x1.5
Cover and piping for 1.5x2.5
Cover and piping for 2x2
Cover and piping for 2.5x2
Cover and piping for 2x3.5
Cover and piping for 2x4.5

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