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Why Maple Forest Development?

Example before/after in the ancestral Bilodeau sugar shack (5th generation)

Quite a coincidence! Sylvain actually had the paternal maple grove marked in the summer of 2021. The management has begun: the part on the right side of the road is managed, and the other side is not yet. A perfect example of the visual difference before/after forest management.

The maple grove that has already been managed had experienced a tough blow to its maple regrowth.

For more information, refer to Chapter 6 of the Maple Grove Management Guide:

Maple Grove Management - p. 157

Benefits of Management
Maple Grove Characterization
Regeneration Management

The Maple Grove Management Guide, produced by the Association of Woodland Owners of Beauce, in collaboration with the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Canada-Quebec

In the same Maple Farm Playlist

Playlist : Maple Grove Developpement Guide

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About the Guide d'aménagement de l'érablière

Explore documents, articles and videos related to our products.

Signs of maple tree decline

Do you see this sign of decline in your maple stand?

Maple & Companion Species (trans)planting

Discover more on the subject with Michael Cliche, forest engineer

Climate Change and Its Impact on Maple Bush

What to expect, how to prepare, which maple species will be most suitable?

Lime Spreading Amendment in Maple Grove

Why it may be necessary to amend the soils of your sugar bush?

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