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Signs of maple tree decline

Capsule 3/6 on Maple Grove Management Guide.

Countdown to the New Quotas Advent Calendar! : NC-6 days
It can be said that Christmas is coming even faster for maple producers than for the rest of the world!
To keep you entertained, we continue our exploration of the Maple Grove Management Guide with Michaël Cliche, a forest engineer.
Several things need to be considered when diagnosing the health of a maple grove, including crown mortality.

A branch that dries up compared to another may not be necessarily serious, but the senescence of all the small twigs starting from the top is truly characteristic of a maple grove's decline.

In other words, the tops of the maples "dry" as you go down... Not to be confused with male pattern baldness in humans, which is a completely different issue!

If you notice crown mortality in your maple grove, what does it mean?

A ground-level issue

  • Drought
  • Excess water

"We know that maples tolerate moisture poorly, especially sugar maple compared to red maple."

Overgrowth issue

  • Oak in leaf
  • Buckthorn and common buckthorn (to be monitored)

  • "We see the arrival of certain invasive species, in addition to the natural competition of the maple groves, which must be controlled to allow all the necessary sunlight and space for the maples."

For more information, refer to the APBB Maple Grove Management Guide:

Chapter 4. Harmful Insects in Maple Groves - p.88

  • Occasional: Defoliating insects that do not cause significant damage
  • Primary defoliating insects: Pests to watch out for
  • Primary and secondary xylophagous insects: Opportunistic insects
  • Exotic insects
  • General recommendations against insects
Chapter 5. Methods for Assessing Stand Health - p.115
  • Contextualization
  • State of regeneration
  • Density and companion species
  • Mortality in the canopy
  • Defects and diseases
  • Fungi and cankers
  • Mechanical injuries
  • Damages caused by wildlife and insects
  • Cracks, sunburns, and frost cracks
  • Closure of taps and diameter growth
  • Soil and site characteristics
  • Summary of criteria analyzed during the diagnosis
The Guide for Maple Grove Management, created by the Association of Woodland Owners of Beauce, in collaboration with the Canadian Partnership for Agriculture Canada-Quebec

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