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LS Bilodeau Epandex in forest spreader for lime granular or powdered

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Agricultural Spreader Machinery

Spreading or tomber trailer ideal for maple farms Spreader for LIME granular or powdered A LS Bilodeau exclusivity Spreading device for balancing pH of soil and increase maple sap flow Fertilizers - Compost - Ashes - Sand - Other abrasives Rent or Purchase Electronic Steering Wheel Control: Power switch Starter Direction of the spread Deck speed Back door opening for the flow Forward and backwards Feed rate Vibro-shaker Directional Fall optimized angles 260 degres Projection from 0 to 30 m according to the spreading standards Motor with different capacities Stainless box 3 sizes Conveyer 4-wheel drive Tandem suspension 8-ply tires 27-10-15 Protectors and valves

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Agricultural Spreader Machinery

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5' Epandex
Epandex Rental

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