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Tips for using the Guzzler diaphragm pump

(Video below)

Diaphragm pumps have become favorites among maple producers in recent years for good reasons: they are more food-grade, easy to maintain, and at a lower price than older solutions. However, they can be a bit more temperamental and require careful handling. Explore the tips from Alan Isabel, LS Bilodeau's maple representative, as he uses a double-diaphragm Guzzler pump to pressurize the gravity tubing network of a maple orchard in the Eastern Townships.

Recommendations for Installation

It is always recommended to install a filter at the pump's inlet to preserve the diaphragms from impurities that could potentially block their operation. Also, ensure that the pump and diaphragms are adequately supplied with water to prevent any loss of efficiency. If necessary, you can add a small 1/4-inch hose with a valve that you can adjust according to the flow, and it will draw water from your collection tank.

At the end of usage

Rinse the pump components with fresh water at the end of its use to flush out any bacteria that may have entered with the sap. Ensure it is properly emptied to prevent the formation of mold and store it in a heated or above-freezing location to avoid breaking its components.

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