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Have you tought of everything? Quickly, in other things :

Tapping the trees

Discover our selection of products based on your maple sap harvesting method

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For maple sap collecting

Filtering, storage and reverse osmosis

For a great maple syrup you need great sap!

hydrometer, maple sap, maple sap harvest, maple water, mesuring instruments maple sap, tools for maple productionMaple sap water harvesting LS Bilodeau

To filter, store and concentrate maple sap

Bouillir du sirop d'érable avec LS Bilodeau, bouillir l'érable, évaporation du sirop d'érable, producteur acéricole.


Let's boil some maple syrup!

Everything to boil

Finishing & filtering maple syrup

Here's our collection for a top-notch finishing & filtration

LS Bilodeau's filtration for maple syrup, filtering maple syrup, filter press maple syrup, vacuum press maple syrup

To finish and filter

Various packaging maple syrup equipments LS Bilodeau, canning machine maple syrup, ls bilodeau packaging, can filler machine maple syrup

Grading, conditionning and packaging

Bottle at the right temperature, with the right tools.

Everything for packaging maple syrup

Transformation into derivative products

It's not over! Maple syrup is much more than just syrup...Taffy, candies, maple cream, maple sugar, maple jelly, vinegar, beers and spirits... here's our favourite tools for maple syrup transformation :

Various equipments machines for maple syrup transformation, 2 women making maple cream, 2 maple producers women maple transformation, ls bilodeau transformationLS Bilodeau Equipment thermometer for pan, small pan, candy thermometer, maple syrup transformation processing

Everything for maple syrup transformation

Maple products tasting

Finally, the last step, eagerly awaited and well-deserved. Maple Tasting!

For maple syrup tasting