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various round cone filter tanks, various textile maple syrup filter tank, filter tanks various ls bilodeau

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Filtering cones for Round Maple Syrup filters tanks

Cotton, polyester or orlon

Those filter Tanks holding rack kits include the holding rack and the filter holding hoop aswell. Depending on the model of your filter tank, it's available with one, two or three holes.

Price Product Material Weight
Cotton #8 Cone Maple Syrup filter Cotton 0.121 lbs
Polyester #8Cone Maple Syrup filter Polyester 0.331 lbs
Orlon #8 Cone Maple Syrup filter Orlon 0.342 lbs
Thin #8 prefilters Polyester 0.309 lbs
Thick prefilter Polyester 0.694 lbs
Paper prefilters Paper 0.463 lbs

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