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LS Celebrates Valentine's Day

The essence of our company, the 'L' and 'S' of LS Bilodeau, is Linda and Sylvain, a love story that has been brewing for 40 years.

2024 : Linda loves Sylvain

This year, Sylvain was testing AirBilo furnaces for approval of the new environmental laws all week.
He, who prided himself on innovating every year for his better half, found himself exiled to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, 3 hours away from Saint-Éphrem, all week.

But fortunately, a love story like Linda & Sylvain's is written together.

2023 : A Custom Made Love Story

The bar was high for love demonstration since the last Valentine's Day, but with the help of is great team, Sylvain did, once again, managed to surprise his beloved Linda.

2022 : Sylvain never stop innovate to show his love to Linda

Dicover our founders, the L&S of LS Bilodeau and the love they share in this St-Valentine's day (EN subtitled)