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Our favorites for the summer season

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To Each One Their Firepit

Mini, large, BBQ option, pizza oven, cooking plate... outdoor fireplaces for every taste.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Wood-fired pool heaters

Heat Your Pool Without the Extras on the Electric Bill!

pool heater outdoor photo two model side by side october

Drinks Holders

A must for the BBQ, by the pool, gardening and backyard games! The beverage support will follow you everywhere and last a lifetime. Always know where your drink is safely at, spill proof!

Hot Portable Smokehouse

Perfect for Fish, Meat, and Vegetables While Camping, Fishing, or on the Patio—or Even at Home (Outdoors). Five Steps and It's Ready to Enjoy!

In residential or commercial construction? Discover Our Wood Heating Appliances

Find an economical and environmentally friendly solution that aligns with your needs to heat your residence, farm, or commercial building. Vous ne savez pas comment choisir?

Local equipment for our local winters

Summer Kitchens