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Fermenting Tanks

In stainless steel for breweries and cheese factory

Stainless Tanks and fermenters for brewery, dairy, and other food transformation purpose Up to a diameter of 13' and 60' height We manufacture a whole range of equipments for food transformation purpose, from industrial production to creaft home-made needs. Basic equipments to sophisticated with many otpions. We can also provide installation. Available: - Isolated or not - Single or double walled - Auto-cleaning systems - Ladder - Various exits - Brides - Etc. Contact directly Nicolas to our Neuville's division at 418 876-0006 or by mail at to enquire all advantages and options over our food transformation stainless products and get a personnalized quote. Beer fermentor and equipments for brewery Any needs you have, we'll provide in terms of stainless equipments. Other equipments Smoothies cutters, mayonnaise stirrer, cheese tank, pasteurizer-vat, emulsifier, tables, cheese press, mincer (chopper), blue cheese drill, pasteurizer-vat, tanks, pre-press table, gateway, cleaning systems, etc.

Fermenteur à bière

Fermenting Tanks

In stainless steel for breweries and cheese factory

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Custom Made Fermenting Tanks

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