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refractometre digital
refractometre digital

LS > Maple Farm > Miscellaneous Maple Farm Equipments > For maple sap > Measuring Instruments > Refractometers > [LSca2c05a6]

0-85 Digital HANNA Refractometer

Hanna Brix reader

On Demand


Hanna Digital Refractometers with Stainless Steel Sample Well and 1.5 Second Response Time Hanna digital refractometers eliminate the uncertainty associated with mechanical refractometers. After a simple user calibration with distilled or deionized water samples are measured within seconds. The measurement and temperature, selectable in °C or °F, are displayed on the easy-to-read LCD. With IP65 water protection, these refractometers are durable and compact enough to be used at home, in the lab, or out in the field.
# : LSca2c05a6
[ REFRACTHI96801 ]

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