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transfert silicone kit complet
transfert silicone kit complet

LS > Maple Farm > Miscellaneous Maple Farm Equipments > For maple sap > Storage Tanks and reservoirs > Interconnections, Transfers & Outlets > Interconnections in silicone > [LSb4f3e87a]

2" Interconnection Kit

Silicone for evaporators

On Demand


Silicone And Stainless Interconnections Silicone Interconnections We offer a range of silicone interconnections. Flexible and malleable, they are perfect for enlargement or reduction. It is an economic solution to replace your stainless interconnections. Specification: High-temperature silicone food grade Easy to use and clean Diameter 1-1/2" or 2" Elbow or coupling sold individually or in sets We also offer the option of traditional stainless interconnections. If you want to modify your current interconnection, contact us at 1 418 484-2013 for more information!
# : LSb4f3e87a
Material : Silicone
[ TKIT2 ]

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