5/16 and 3/16 tubingTubing for sugarbushes

Tubulure 5/16 érablière entaillage eau érableTubulure 3/16 vert tubes érablière tuyauTubulure 3/16 vert tubes érablière tuyau eau d'erable équipements acéricole



Tubes, tubing and precut drops

- Sugarbush tubing -


We have in stock every type of tubing, connector and fitting you can possibly need for your sugar bush tubing, plus the tools needed to install your water lines. Contact us for recommendations and advice on installation of tubing on your land of maple production and optimization of maple sap carrying. 



Tubing - Available sizes:  


5/16" tubing  - Malleables in all temperatures, longest life expectancy, translucents, resistant


  • Semi-rigid blue A
  • Semi-rigid blue B
  • Flexible blue 500'
  • Flexible mauve 500'
  • Flexible green 500'



3/16" GREEN semi-rigid tubing (NEW!)

As easy as using buckets, with increased performances and minus the work. Ideal for gravity tubing system and production, in lack of electricity or to avoid vacuum systems. It increases the production and you can also create a vacuum effect without a pump. 



Precut drops: 5/16" tubing: 

Semi-rigid A
  • 24"
  • 30"
  • 32"
  • 36"
Semi-rigid B
  • 32"


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