Sap Lifter

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 Sap lifter

Increase the slope of your lines in the maple farm
- Perfect solution in order to cross a road.our augmenter la pente des lignes -

Get higher lines with our Sap lifter without any vacuum loss. Placed on the lower part of the master line, the Sap lifter is vaccumed, so the sap flows by gravity.When the tank is full, the sap input is shut, and at the same time the atmospheric pressure make the water go up and empty the tank (about 10 sec.) When the Sap lifter is emptied, the vacuum effect still applies in amont without any loss. 


  • 300 to 600 taps
  • Lift to 15' with vacuum at 20 inches of mercury
  • Empties automatically when vacuum stops
  • No redcution of vacuum unlike the octopus system
  • Serial installation to go up to 30'