Sap Bucket Reverse Osmosis

Equipement erabliere Bain-marie pour sirop d'érable 10 gallons L.S. Bilodeauoption polder numérique Bain-marie sirop d'érable 10 gallons




Sap Bucket Reverse Osmosis

Time-saving reverse osmosis for the small scale maple syrup producers


Ideal for 75-150+ taps, this bucket fits all the equipment which makes it portable and compact. Creates around 10 Gals of concentrated (4% sugar) sap at 50% water reduction per hour.   


  • 400 gpd booster pump
  • 1200 gps membrane capacity (3x 400)
  • 10" prefilter
  • 1 membrane flush/ preservative packet 



For larger production, see ou "Reverse Osmosis Systems" page. 


Discover it in video (FR)