Pan JackFront and rear pans lift 

levier a panne stainless ss levier a panne stainless ss gauchelevier a panne stainless ss debout levier a panne stainless ss sur panne bouilleuselevier a panne stainless ss hautlevier a panne stainless ss bas



The Pan Jack
A device to lift front and rear pans
(ridged and flat) 



Another innovation from LS Bilodeau! 


We’ve invented the Pan Jack, a pan lift specially designed to save you from pinched fingers and back pain when washing and changing pans. This specialized boiler tool fits 99% of evaporator models and helps you tilt your pans safely to let them drain easily. 


- 100% stainless steel
- 2 models available :


-For front pans


-For rear pans (suitable for flat and ridged pans)


- Sturdy, durable and made in Quebec


A new product introduced at the 2020 Virtual Open House event.


Starting at $178.00 +tax and shipping.


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