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Float Boxes And Water Level Gauge  



Several choices are offered for your float boxes: 


Standard or submersible float boxes

  • inlet float boxes (cold water)
  • exit float boxes (hot water) 


Universal cold and hot water float boxes: install to the left or the right of the pans.

For evaporators up to 2-1/2" x 10" and the other formats very soon. 



Electronic float

The part can also be sold separately:

  • standard float 1" (hot water) or 1-3/4" thickness (cold water) 
  • float arm 
  • plate or gasket 


We are also available to do a custom-made float box or if you want modifications done to the one you already have.

We can find a solution together. 


Contact us at 1 418 484-2013 for more information!