Bilo-FunÉvaporateur (bouilleuse) pour micro-érablière

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Bilo-Fun Evaporator 

- Economical boiler for micro maple farm - 


Here's the all new model for small maple farm! Equipment of quality, in small dimensions, that lets you taste all the maple farm hapiness, just in a smaller version. 

Bilo-Fun Evaporator in details : 

 Features 1 piece pan divided into two (2) sections (Float, dropped flue pan) and 1 flat finishing pan

economical finition and silicon transfers 

- Painted and stucture is black painted steel 

- Stainless steel finition : mirror, brushed or galvanised 

- Pans in stainless mirror or brushed finish

- Argon welding (without lead, californian standards)  



Options : 

- Transfers, valves et spout  

- Drain 

- Fire bricks, ceramic wool or cement

- Hot water pan or replacement plate


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