Bilocool Water Concentrate Cooler

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Bilocool Concentrated Sap Cooler

 - for reservoir and storage tank -


Looking for a solution to keep your sap concentrate cooler than the environnement in which it is? Here's the solution! The Bilocool concentrated sap cooler, thanks to its stainless steel coil system, will keep your maple sap temperature to levels that will preservate the water's quality!  


Cold water, syrup quality!

● Stainless steel coil
● Temperature sensor
● Automatic low-level shutoff
● 8,000 BTU/h, 15 amps or more
● Power adaptable to needs


 Refroidisseur à eau érable concentré pour bassins equipements erablieres acéricoles Bilocool


         Maple sap storage tank Cooler maple sirop equipment sugarbush


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