The Little CheesemakerMake your own cheese at home !

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 The Little Cheesemaker

- Home Cheesemaker-Pasteurizer-Vat-
Available recipe:  Cheddar (curd or in bloc) 

Recipes to come: Blue and Brie cheese


We have designed and built The Little Cheesemaker, a home cheesemaker-pasteurizer-vat,
so you can make your own cheese at home! Discover our cheese machine!


 Available in the US !

The Machine 

  • Completely automated
  • The control box with information screen displays:
    1. Curent step #, 2. Step duration, 3. Temperature data, 4. Count up timer 
  • End of step audible alarm
  • Double wall vat, bain-marie type 
  • Milk temperature probe 
  • Heating element with water level security probe  
  • Motor-head blade agitator
  • Curd knife and cheese filter included. 
  • Power cord with Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)   
  • Sustainable design, 304, 18g stainless steel
  • Argon welded
  • Powe supply 120 volts, 15 amp
  • Easy to clean with dish soap
  • Made in Québec, Canada
  • 1 year limited waranty 



20 liters:


  • Tank dimensions : 9,5"(height) X 16"(diameter)
  • 20 liters capacity gives about 2,5 kg of cheese
  • Weights 20 lbs


60 liters:

  • Tank dimensions : 11"(height) X 23"(diameter)
  • 60 liters capacity gives about 6,5 kg of cheese
  • Weights 35 lbs



Making Curded Cheddar

  • Required time to complete milk transformation: 4 to 5 hours ( Pasteurization - Curdling - Draining-Cooking - Finishing)
  • Automated equipment : folow the step by step instructions 
  • Enzymes and a coagulants are sold by L.S. Bilodeau, 5 kits for five cheese batches included.




 Curded Cheese Recipe (EN version)



user manuel little cheesemaker


User's Manuel (EN version)



PDF Little cheesemaker device info home cheesemaker LS Bilodeau

LS Bilodeau's Little Cheesemaker Device Info 




See video below for complete Curded Cheese recipe commented by our PDG Sylvain Bilodeau (FR only, traduction to come!)