Diabl-o Pool Heater


Chauffe-piscine au bois Diablo L.S. BilodeauChauffe-piscines au bois L.S. Bilodeau



Chauffe-piscine au bois Diabl-o L.S. Bilodeau

alias Big Daddy



Quebec residents see models

Bilovax and Bilovax LS50.


LDiabl-o model is not available anymore. 



The Diabl-o wood-fired pool heater is designed for large pools 27' long and up.


The Diabl-o is also perfect for you if you live in a colder or very windy area, such as up north or on the edge of the Saint Lawrence River.


The Diabl-o is compatible with chlorine systems.


• Wood-fired conventional pool heater
• Raises water temperature 7-10°C (15-20°F) in a day
• 450,000 BTU
• Outdoor installation
• Dimensions: L 48" x H 60" x D 48"
• Weight: 750 lb



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