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Wood Pool-Heater






Smoke free technology* patented

Approved EPA



The wood pool-heater Bilovax can be sold in urban areas since it was developed to meet canadian standards for the protection of environment in terms of emissions for solid fuel appliances. In terms of capacity, efficiency and performance, the Bilovax compares to the Maestro. The Bilovax is made for pools using chlorine or salt systems.




• Environmental innovation

• Heats water up to 10-15 °F ( 4-7 °C) per day

• 250 000 BTU

• 18" maximum log lenght

• Water output: 1-1/2"

• Pressure vessel (15 lbs) 

• Indoor or outdoor installation

• Dimensions : W 25'' x H 32'' x D 25''

• Weight : 500 lb.

• Chlorine or salt systems

• Brushed stainless steel

Made in Canada

* Smoke free after approximately 10 minutes if fired as recommended by the manufacturer.



      Bilovax manual

               bilovax inst manual




Prolong your pool season with a wood-fired pool-heater 



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