Bilovax Pool-heater

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Wood-fired pool-heater

bilovax    LS-50        Chauffage au bois


Our solid wood-burning pool heater, the Bilovax LS-50 with our smoke free* patented technology  for pools using chlorine systems.

Heat your swimming pool water with a wood burning pool heater and save compared to conventional gas, propane or electric pool heater bills. Extend your summer fun with a Wood stove pool heater L. S. Bilodeau.

For cities and towns

Approved for  CSA/B415 standards


Environmentale innovation

• Heats water up to 10-15 °F (4-7 °C) per day

• 165 000 BTU - 75 000 BTU/h, based on 55 lb. of wood

• 18” maximum log length

• Water output : 1-1/2”

No needs of electricity

• Dimensions : L 31-1/2” x H 45” x D 39”

• Weight : 550 lb.


Made in Canada

* Smoke free after approximately 10 minutes if fired as recommended by the manufacturer.


Prolong your pool season with a wood-fired pool-heater



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